The variety of somatic approaches I use

Hatha Yoga - Movement in Meditation

In the Yoga classes I invite you to practice slowly and mindful. We hold the Asanas (yoga positions) for longer periods to feel and reflect on the effects of each position on the physical and subtle level. Bringing awareness to our physical body system( cells, bones, structures, fluids) , we will also open up the access to the different energycenters, getting to know their qualities, bringing balance into our life.

Voice & Movement

In this explorations we want to detach the Voice from the idea of serving just as a tool for speaking, we want to experience the voice as inscribed into the body, as an inspiring element and a movement generating force.

Senses & Perception - a Journey into the Senses

In the perception sessions we want to explore the different senses:

touch & movement, hearing, smelling, tasting. We will explore indoors as well as outdoors, 
theoretically and practically, as an embryo and as an adult, in stillness as well as in movement.

Individual Healing - Healing as an experience

Through an intuitive approach of Body Work and Sound Healing, you are invited to bring awareness into your physical and subtle body. With my background as a Reiki practicioner, occupational therapist and dancer I've been researching for several years about different qualities of touch and its means to provide healing and empowerment. The focus in each treatment is very individual. It can be deep relaxation, pain relief, balancing of your energies and flow or simply developing curiosity about the wisdom of you body.

Body work - in couples \ groups

Touch is an essential element in being a happy person. We will learn the principles of bodywork, while paying attention to the anatomical content. We will experience different qualities of touch, learn to touch and be touched in a conscious way. We will experience and accompany each other in situations of deep relaxation of the nervous system. We will learn to pay attention to ourselves, and to express our needs as "givers" and "recipients."

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One of the most accurate ways to convey the knowledge and inspiration I gather from all the fields I deal with, is to create retreats. Unlike weekly lessons, which introduce the practice of physical, mental, or spiritual learning into the daily routine, workshops create a quiet space that provides more comfortable laboratory conditions for group and individual work. In this environment, we allow ourselves to dive deeper, to open ourselves, to generate transformation, and to develop tools that will ultimately help us cope with everyday routines, from a more conscious place. In recent years, I have held various workshops in various parts of the world (Austria, Germany, Portugal, Israel & Senegal) and have used a wide range of methods and techniques which I shall expand on later.

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