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The objectives of the project

Some of you are probably thinking now “If you guys are looking for a house in the desert, why not simply move to some rented apartment and start rollin'?”. So that's the thing, we've also been wandering about this many times, but honestly, it's been years since we're nomads, and even though we have an inner calling to find a permanent place, the transition to a state of mind of living in one place, is not a simple thing for us. Additionally, both of us have so much energies and creativity to share with the world. The idea for the project was born of this understanding - “Masa & Matan” constitutes for us a deep and joyful way to make this transformation from nomadic life to settling down, in a manner that is fully connected to our life style, and to the values of creativity, sharing, and community. During this journey, we wish to feel the spirit of the desert, get to know the dessert settlers better, and create contacts with good people, for future co-operations. Other than that, we want to be exposed and get recognition in the fields in which we act (Art of the body and visual art), and to give exposure opportunity to the places we'll visit as well, through the platform we've created.


to make a long story short:

  • to share energies and creativity with the world

  • to make this transformation from nomadic life to settling down

  • to feel the spirit of the desert & get to know the dessert settlers better

  • create contacts with good people, for future co-operations

  • to be exposed and get recognition in the fields in which we act

  • to give exposure opportunity to the places we'll visit

& practically

& What do we offer?

Ok, so we made clear what our goals for this project are, you could say that this is the part of the "Masa" but where does the "Matan" part come in? We have a lot to give, Fidelia in the field of teaching in different approaches of physical and mental practices, and Souf in the field of visual art, made from a wide variety of materials. From this diversity, we want to offer, to wherever we'll hosted, a unique program that suits the local needs, spirit and ideas. It resembles a chameleon, who takes on the features of a place, but remains an independent and powerful entity, which holds within a wide range of possibilities. We are interested in starting a dialogue from the first stage of contact with the place, through a preliminary visit that we'll do before the journey begins, and up to the time of the stay itself.


Souf - I offer art works inspired by the place. The mediums I deal with are mainly visual (painting, murals, sculpture, design, construction), and the means of expression are endless. Through open dialogue, we will understand together your needs, the spaces in which we can work, the ideas we want to express, and the materials with which we will carry out the work. My goal in my work is to focus the energy in the place precisely, and to express it in an aesthetic and thought-provoking way. Beyond the conceptual dialogue, I will also be happy for physical cooperation during the work.

Fidelia - I want to remind you of this wonder called your body. I will offer sessions in various body/mind practice methods that I have collected over the past decade. The sessions are for individuals or groups. The schedule will be determined according to your free time, and the focus according to your needs and curiosity. The group sessions are open to those who wish to join in accordance with the spirit of the place. My language of instruction is English. I offer bodywork and energetic treatments to individuals as well.

During the trip we will document the work processes, and the social and natural environment, upload it to a blog on our website, and spread the word on social networks, etc. We will be happy to share and introduce the messages of the places we visit through the same platform.

Values that really matter to us

A heart to heart connection between you and us

Open communication and full transparency

Coordinating expectations clearly about the exchange

Profit for both sides from the cooperation (a win-win situation)

You made it all the way to here, win some technical details :)

The journey will take place at the end of April 2019 (after Pesach) for a period of about 3 months.

During the journey we will pass through 6-10 different places in various areas in the desert.

In each place we'll stay for about a week or two (depending on the program for creating and practices).

The work schedule includes 5 working days and 2 days of rest each week.

We will leave a few spare days for exploring around, and for unexpected situations.

There may be dynamic scheduling, according to communication with the places we'll visit.

At the end of the project, we will organize a meeting for all the participants at a central point, which will include a delicious dinner and a presentation of the project summary.


We do not expect monetary exchange during the journey,

However, we are open to donations, if someone is interested in supporting the continuation of the journey, or in other future projects.

If someone wants to join the journey as an assistant, and travel / work with us for a part of the period of time, we will be happy, depending, of course, on the approval of the host.

Want to participate in "A giving journey"?

Contact us and explain all the ins and outs.

Every place has got it's uniqueness

We, like desert chameleons, want to create the right thing for you
Let's call it "Locally inspired art"

So let's talk about it. We'll come for a preliminary tour as well ;)

Souf - +972 522554996 | Fidelia - +49 15774231656
EMAIL - masaumatan.art@gmail.com
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